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3. The Knowing Field: Revelations on Root Causes

Ok, let's recap your Family Constellations education so far...

We looked at what your Family Constellation (or family system) is. It is the configuration of energy connections you are in with members of your family--the functional and the dysfunctional, the painful and the supportive. It impacts both your emotional and physical health.

We talked about why it is crucial to include this level of your reality if we are going to shift the blocks that are causing you suffering. You have personal energy blocks in your own energy field. The blocks that sit in the larger energy field you live in--your Family Constellation or family system, are often hidden from sight and the real root of your pain.

We talked about blocks that exist because of unresolved trauma-personal and inherited. I spoke on how that "static" in your personal field or your family system will replay in a traumatic re-enactment in an attempt to be seen and healed. The symptoms you come to me with are often that very static.

We talked about the detective work that happened in our first session together. We build your 3-generation genogram and look at where the unresolved traumas are in your system.


Now we step into the Knowing Field...

It's time to "set up" your Constellation.

Originally, Bert Hellinger, the founder of this work, always helped in a group setting. To 'set up' a constellation, he would ask the client to choose representatives for family members.

When we are able to gather in person as a group once again, I will be offering group work. We will sit in a circle with a large space in the centre. 

Group work is very powerful and illustrative of this work.

As many of you have already experienced, we can use objects as representatives when you are in the office with me, or I can guide you to track the energies yourself when we work virtually. All are equally powerful and effective.

To keep it simple, let me describe the group process so you can visualize it.

As your facilitator, I select which family members we need to work with, based on what was revealed in your 3-generation genogram. Most often, you would select a representative to be you, your mom, and your dad. Siblings, your children, and grandparents may also be important.

With live representatives, each person selected to represent will step into the centre of the group circle.

Now something quite magical and potent happens. As soon as representatives step into the space, they step into the energy field of your family constellation and the 'field' of the family member they are representing.

As long as they can stay attuned to sensations in their body, they will begin to feel and embody the imprint of that family member.

Their body will show them where to stand in relation to other family members(near? far away? facing toward? facing away? too close? can't even make eye contact?).

Their body may assume a posture that reveals important emotional content (knees want to buckle? low back pain? collapsed? twisted toward or away?).

They will feel emotional states that are being held by that family member(tearful? angry? jumpy and anxious?). Emotions will spontaneously well up for them as we work in the energies.

All of the nuances revealed through the representatives show us where healing is needed.

Scientists and psychologists come up with all kinds of fancy explanations about how this "Knowing Field" works.

As an energy healer with 20+ years of experience, it's obvious to me. The field exists. When you step into it with conscious intention, it animates and reveals content.

The same thing happens when you sit down with me to share your struggles. I see the blocks and energy patterns associated with the pain animate in your energy field. Again, I can do this in person, or virtually.

As much experience as I have observing energies, it's still very moving when the constellation animates. There is a wisdom in your family soul that wants to reveal and heal.


What does the "Knowing Field" know?

  • So, we set up your constellation by using representatives. 

  • The representatives step into the "field" of a family member, and the energy animates. 

  • They feel this animation through their body and report their experience. They do not need to make anything up. It is different from psychodrama. There are no lines to memorize.

  • What they feel and reveal illuminates the key areas of blockage in the flow of love and life force in the system.

  • Now we can work with those energy dynamics and bring healing.

This is the art of being a facilitator. I can bring "healing sentences" and suggest "healing movements" that begin to shift and resolve the stuck traumas so they can finally get the love and attention they need to resolve.

The result is deep relief. Not only for you in your body but often you will notice family members are also free to show up differently.

It all happens deep what we call your "Inner Image." I'll talk about the Inner Image next week.


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Honestly folks...we should have been learning this stuff in grade 8, or at least High School. Let's get you caught up!

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Part 3: The Knowing Field: Revelations on Root Causes


Are you ready to make a big shift and transform repeating and defeating patterns?

We can work together on the patterns that you struggle with in 1:1 sessions here.

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