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5. Epigenetics: The Science of Getting Your Issues Sorted

There is proof that inter-generational trauma exists and that it can be healed.

The science of epigenetics proves what Bert Hellinger, the founder of Family Constellations work, and all his students since discovered intuitively by working within the Knowing Field

It's actually pretty simple. Your genes come from your parents. You are half your mom, and half your dad. This is why we look at both lineages when we take your 3-generation genogram.

It's also why having equal access to your parents, and being able to receive love, as they give it, is important to your health and success in life.

Stressful and traumatic events in your grandparents or parents' lives, modified the instruction manual of their genes.  These events turned up the volume on certain instructions and turned down the volume on others. It turned some instructions on, and others off. They passed those "modified" genes on to your parents, and your parents to you.

So if grandma was stuck in a bomb shelter during WWII and terrified she would lose her whole family, you may wonder why you go into hyper-aroused over-protection mode when there is any threat to family unity. Your reaction seems over the top.

Good news! Resilience is also passed on, not only the unhealed trauma markers. Your genetic instruction manual also includes imprints for qualities that enhance survival. 


This short animated video shows the now famous and oft-quoted mouse study which showed how traumas experienced by grandparents, can be carried by the parents and the grandchildren, who were not exposed to the trauma.

The video concludes, "We are a long way off from proving the same in humans."

In next week's video, I'll share more recent research into epigenetics where scientists are now tracking these changes in humans.

Indigenous ancestral wisdom traditions are very close to my heart, and my personal spiritual practice.

This gorgeous video shows the Australian Aboriginal perspective on inter-generational trauma. It makes me cry every time...especially the part about hope, healing, and regeneration.

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Part 5: Epigenetics: The Science of Getting Your Issues Sorted.


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