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Free Tools & Resources

to get you started on your journey of healing and purpose

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Seeing is believing. Before you dive deeper than you’ve ever gone before, dip your toe into my world and see what it’s like to work together.
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Heal the Pain that Persists

4 ways to go deeper than talking to transform physical and emotional pain.

What is it really like to work with me one-to-one?


How do I bring all of the powerful approaches I have studied to serve your deeper healing and trauma release?


In this 4-part video series, I demonstrate 4 of the ways I can help you to work directly with the blocks in your body and energy field to transform pain into relief, release and replenishment.


Heal Family Patterns and Stuck Emotions

Experience one of my monthly Family Constellations group healing sessions and witness how we tap into the power of community to unearth the unconscious patterns that are the hidden source of your biggest personal and relationship blocks. See how to work with emotional blocks, issues with your parents or children, and other challenges you thought were yours alone.

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The Soul Guides that 
Shape Your Life Purpose

Do you know what you were born to do? Is it time to remember? This free 29 page downloadable PDF document will help you kick-start the process of decoding your life purpose.

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Ways We Can Connect

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