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Why Your Blocks Won't Move?

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You know you are blocked somewhere.

In your physical body it’s that spot that:


  • Always hurts, is tight, sore or locked.

  • Feels boggy, heavy.

  • Is chronically injured, or is holding an illness.

In your feeling body it’s the…


Mood that just won’t move along. You feel like you are soaking in it all the time. Dormant emotion that gets triggered and suddenly overtakes you or gets inadvertently spilled all over the person who set it off.

In your relationships it’s…


The same darn pattern on replay. “You never...I always...I never…” Feeling like you just aren’t getting your deep needs nourished in the exchange.

In your meaningful work in this life it’s…


Feeling too afraid to make the move toward what your gut tells you is enlivening. 

Having no clue what the move is. Who is the real you and what did you come here to do?

You feel those things...and you want it to change. You want to feel better. 

Or do you…?


​Within each of us there is a YES current, and a NO current. 

Half of you wants expansion, change, healing, relief. And half of you does not. Why?Change is scary and you can get addicted to what is familiar, even if it isn’t great. 

This might show up as laziness, procrastination, avoidance, or just plain stuckness. You are aware of the block, you feel it in your body and your life...but there is a great big fat “NO!” to moving it.

Some part of you is really scared to feel something different. 

A woman walking on the trail

So what do you do?

First, locate the block in your body/energy field. 

Think of the thing you are struggling with. What do you notice in your body when you animate those feelings or bring that situation to mind. 

The place that lights up in your body is where the block is being held in your field/body. Stay present with that sensation. 

Then, don’t ask it to be any different than it is. Would you tell a child cowering in a corner who is feeling scared and overwhelmed to snap out of it? Sometimes they are so afraid you cannot even approach them. Just witness. Be with.

Sometimes the content of the block you are feeling is a snarling dog trapped in the corner. If you try to intercept the block or ask anything of it, it is going to bite your head off. When other people trigger that block, it bites their head off!

Just witness. Be with it. Find the safe distance where you can be with that feeling in your body, without it lunging at you. 

Maybe you can only be there for a moment...and then you really need to go eat some chocolate. That’s ok. Good start. You can do this in little tiny bites.

You may need to do this for some time with some blocks. Don’t ask anything of them. But don’t let them sink back into unconsciousness either. Don’t bury them and then forget them. Notice. Feel as a sensation in your body. Just sit there. 

After a time, your block may get used to your presence and be willing to open up a ‘conversation’ about change. About options. About moving on into another state and transforming. 

What if you made a visit to your block every day, for 5 minutes to 30 minutes of ‘meditation’...or let’s just call it, ‘hanging out.’ 

I challenge you to do this every day this week. Put it in your daytimer every day: "Sit with Block. Go for coffee date with Block." It's easier to do it if you schedule it the same time every day. Do the best you can.

I would love to hear how it goes. Is this simple way of working with your blocks effective for you? What happens? Post your experience in the comments below.


The other potent way to convince a block to molt, is to get help. 

When we work together, having another person hold presence, witness, and energy, gives your block a larger hug so it can feel safe to try something different. 

I also don’t let blocks get away with ninja moves. I catch all of their escape routes, excuses, reasons why not, and hidden stories underneath. In our sessions, we peel them back gently, one layer at a time and tenderly correct any bad behaviour or diversion. 

Sometimes becoming a new person, who can embody refreshed energy flows takes support. 

We can do this together in personal sessions. Start here.

Are you ready to make a big shift and transform repeating and defeating patterns?


We can work together on the patterns that you struggle with in 1:1 sessions here.

Or you can join me in my monthly Family Constellations group healing work here.




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