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Are You Recycling Your Blocks?

Shelley is doing energy work

Did you spend some time sitting with your blocks last week? What did you feel? (Here is my previous post with guidance if you missed it.)

When you sit with a block long enough it comes to life. The flow of your conscious awareness adds enough energy charge to get it moving.

Sometimes a block animates, plays out for a bit and then goes dormant again.

This is like poking a snake in its lair. It was curled up somewhere in your body and energy field as a block, sleeping and keeping to itself.

Then something triggers you, and pokes the snake. It rears its head and expresses, as tears, as rage, as any number of emotions, thoughts, memories, or combination of content. It may run through only certain levels of your aura, or all 7 of them, expressing as different emotional and mental content on each, but all related to the same issue.

You may cry for a few minutes, or even longer, and then it curls back up.

You will know you didn’t get all the way to the bottom of the block, because wherever the associated sensation is in your body, it’s still there and feels the same as before.

You still have tension in your jaw and shoulders. The heavy, ‘blah’ feeling is back in your belly. The mean nasty thoughts are still on repeat in your head. The snake has gone dormant again.

It becomes a pattern. Every time that snake gets poked, the same scene replays. Sometimes you are getting through it, and the block is becoming less and less dense. Sometimes you are adding to it and the replay is feeding fuel to your belief which reinforces the pain.

“Yes, it’s true, I really can’t trust men.”

“There we go again. My mom will never appreciate who I am.”

When you find yourself using the definition ‘always’ or ‘never’, you can be sure a recycling block is at the root. You keep re-creating the same experience, because it’s the same energy-consciousness waking up, doing it’s dance, and retreating back to its lair--your body and field.

“I will never get______”

“You always____”

“I never______.” You never ______.”

“It will never get better.”

“Things will always be the same. Why hope for more.”

Fill in the blank with what area of your life or relationship lights up with any given snake that got poked. These are the stubborn issues you can bring to me to finally melt down and transform.

Ok, your homework this week is to locate and sit with a block. Here’s some guidance on how to do that if you missed my previous post. 

Hang out with it long enough, directing your curious attention into it, until it animates.

A woman sitting by the road and enjoy the smell of tree

The sensation of your block animating could be an intensification or change in sensation or an awareness of more content or sensation layered deeper underneath. It could be emotions beginning to flow, or thoughts and memories arising. This part is often not so comfortable. 

Sit through the discomfort, or as many minutes of it as you can. Stay present. Breathe. If it’s hard, you can pray for support from spirit. 

If it’s a big trauma block and it feels overwhelming, just touch the very edge of it. You will need the help of a healer or a therapist trained in Somatic Experiencing who has expertise on how to work with trauma to hold extra presence in order to help you through it.

Have you had the experience of a recycling block? I'd love to hear about your experience in the comments below.



P.S. When you’re ready for help to transform your blocks, here are 2 ways I can support you.

We can work together in personal sessions. Start here.


Are you ready to make a big shift and transform repeating and defeating patterns?

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