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The Aura Healing Journey
with Shelley Harrison

An 8-month online journey to reveal where your blocks are ​and how to clear them.

The 5th annual Aura Healing Journey starts February 2024
To be the first to book your spot when enrollment opens, join the waitlist.


No one ever gave you the full picture of who you really are

How do you really know what needs to be transformed within you?

What is actually blocking you that needs to be dissolved or released?

​How can you get your needs met, and your energy replenished?

Do you ever feel ashamed of shining your light, fearing rejection from others, so you hide, shrink, and then feel depleted?

Or maybe you are emitting your awesomeness, but when you get around people who have ‘bigger’ energies you can’t hold your ground. What's happening there?

And why does it feel like you are mostly going it alone, trying to figure it all out, with no real confirmation you are getting it right?

Wouldn’t the work of personal healing be easier and far more nourishing in a group of like-hearted soulful folks who are asking the same questions, with an experienced healer giving you feedback?

If all of your energy bodies are strong, charged, and healthy, you will have a full life in all areas of human experience.

If your energy field is weak at any level, you will have difficulty having experiences that are associated with that level, and your life experience will be limited.

The more levels or bodies that you have developed, the fuller and broader your life experience will be.

-Barbara Brennan  (Light Emerging)


What's included in the
Aura Healing Journey?

I will walk you through each level of your Aura so you can:


Identify your own blocks


Work with your energy to transform those blocks


Plan ways to get your needs met on each level (self-care central!)


Celebrate where your light is already shining through on each level and know your beauty!

And if you think you have to be a clairvoyant or a psychic to tune into your own Auric field, I will teach you how to discover how YOU tune in, and how to trust what you are sensing.

Start your Aura Healing Journey Now.

and Get Your Needs Met

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