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Pain. Stress. Grief.
Clearing it all out begins from within.

Deep healing and trauma release for women who are ready to do the (soul) work.

with Shelley Harrison

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How Can I Heal The Pain That Persists?

See me in action doing what I do best with my clients. Explore 4 ways to go deeper than talking to heal emotional and physical pain.

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Clear out the pain. Reclaim your grace. Discover your inner healer. I'll show you how.

Maybe you’re here because …

You have a health issue you’ve worked on with a Naturopath or other practitioner. You've made great progress, but the symptoms persist. You sense the root cause is stress and unresolved emotional blocks. But how do you really connect with and clear out what is stuck in your body?

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You’ve talked about what happened in your childhood, but you haven’t had someone truly, deeply see that hurt part of you so you can finally feel safe enough to release the trauma and feelings of being overwhelmed. You want to feel calmed and held.

You (perhaps secretly) love exploring energy healing, meditation, yoga, spiritual literature, astrology, herbalism, homeopathy or nature connection. You’d love to work with someone you can open up to about this who won’t think you are weird or simply write you off. You also want that person to be grounded in reality.

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No matter what force led you here, one thing is certain:

You’re done talking about it. You want this pain, chaotic energy, and bottled-up stress OUT of your body, once and for all.  You just need an experienced, trusted guide — preferably someone who’s worked as hard to become an expert in her field as you have in yours.

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I'm Shelley Harrison

I’m a highly trained energy healer specializing in personal and intergenerational trauma release. I’m here to guide you deeper than talking to truly transform and heal the physical and emotional hurt that hasn’t been resolved by other approaches.  
I’m a graduate from the prestigious Barbara Brennan School of Healing and I’ve spent the last 27 years gathering knowledge and experience in deep healing. Today, I blend four different disciplines into a potent synergy, including Energy Healing, Somatic Experiencing, Craniosacral Therapy, and Family Constellations work.

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Like many of my clients (maybe even you?) I found a true connection with what is meaningful to me in my spiritual, “witchy” side, without becoming flaky. I learned to recognize my inner “reluctant priestess”  and let her guide me into becoming a soul nourished woman. I hope you will too.

P.S. She still wears jeans and t-shirts.

Together, we’ll connect with your body, your energy field, and the family energy field you are intimately connected to, where the real blocks, patterns and entanglements live.
We will clear out the patterns that ambush you, and fill you back up with sacred healing energies.

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Thank-you so much for your guidance and respect. I really feel this work has helped me see a lot. Your studies really show, and I think your intuition was especially bang-on yesterday.


- Stacey Speers

Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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Here's how I can help you

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1:1 Healing

Are you ready to BREAKTHOUGH instead of continually BREAKDOWN?

It’s time to clear out what talk therapy couldn’t.


During our 1:1 virtual or in-person sessions, you will literally feel personal trauma, stress, and feelings of overwhelm flush out of your body and energy field. Then move closer to understanding your life purpose.

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Group Healing

Family Constellations. A monthly group of 10-15 peers.

Tap into the power of community to heal inherited family trauma, difficult emotions, and blocks in your energy fields.

Intergenerational trauma is the hidden source of your biggest personal and relationship blocks.​ Together, we’ll resolve core issues at their root.

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 The Soul Nourished Woman

A 12-month personal + group healng journey for women.

Come home to your inner sanctuary and a community of women who ‘get’ you. 


An exclusive women's circle where we gather to share the journey of healing + purpose and immerse in soul nourishing energy healing practices.

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See me in action doing what I do best with my clients.


Explore 4 ways to go deeper than talking to get relief from emotional and physical pain.

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