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Heal the Pain that Persists


What is it really like to work with me one-on-one? How do I bring all of the powerful approaches I have studied to serve your deeper healing and trauma release?


In this video series, I demonstrate 4 of the ways I can help you work directly with the blocks in your body and energy field to transform physical and emotional pain into relief, release, and replenishment.


How I blend 4 different disciplines and 27 years of experience into our personal work to bring you deeper healing.

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Part 1:Talk less feel more

The first part of your 1:1 healing journey with me is to learn how to pay attention to sensations in your body in order to locate and connect with your blocks.

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Part 2: Include transgenerational

trauma blocks

Intergenerational trauma is the hidden source of your biggest personal & and relationship blocks. 

Family Constellations work takes you deeper into your own body and energy field and the extended energy body of your family.

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Part 3: The issues held in your tissues

Where did you bury that difficult event that was too much to process at the time? Ah...there it is, deep in your body.

With hands-on bodywork (in-person), and guided dialogue and imagery (online work), we go in and declutter! 

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Part 4: Read and clear your energy field

The encyclopedia of your life is printed in the 7 levels of your Aura. As you encounter the blocks, I read their content and help bring deeper insight and deeper resolution.

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Thank-you so much for your guidance and respect. I really feel this work has helped me see a lot. Your studies really show, and I think your intuition was especially bang-on yesterday. Side note too--I went on a date and it wasn't scary this time! Thank you so much for sharing your light! And I really appreciate your work ethic and attention to detail.

- Stacey Speers, Winnipeg, MN

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