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Thank You!

Your guidance is on the way.

So, you’re ready to Decode Your Life Purpose, eh?

Amazing. Getting aligned with your Life Purpose is THE way to heal your life and make your contribution to our world.

An email is on its way to your inbox right now with my PDF guide.the Soul Guides that Shape your Life Purpose.

You may need to check your spam folder and mark it as not spam or add us to your safe list if it doesn’t turn up. If you are using a gmail address, check the instructions below so you don’t miss out.

While you wait for your mini-guide to arrive, if you would love to talk about working together 1:1 to get guidance around your Life Purpose you can book a Free 30-minute consultation with me. 

Gmail users:

Please keep an eye on your inbox as we will be sending you an email to access your free guide.

If you are using Gmail, check your Promotions tab, as mail is often delivered to that tab unless manually moved to your general inbox.

If you have found the confirmation email in the Promotions folder, you’ll want to drag it over to your regular inbox, so your email recognizes as a direct email.

Follow the steps below to ensure your emails go to the right folder.


1. Check the Promotions Folder by clicking on the Promotions tab

promotion tab.webp

2. Select the confirmation email and drag it into the Primary Tab: Select the email by clicking and holding it down while dragging it over the primary tab, and drop it once you have carried it over.


3. Confirm that future messages will end up in the Primary Tab: Once you drop the email onto the Primary Tab, you will get a notification similar to the screenshot below, asking you if you would like to move all future emails into this from this address. CLICK YES.

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