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Navigating Through Energy Block Transformation for Healing and Growth

Shelley is doing energy work

You've likely heard the phrase "energy equals consciousness," but what does that truly mean?

Energy is more than just a term; it embodies a vast spectrum of meanings and implications. Recall the first time you learned about energy. Perhaps it was through an illustration of a chakra or an aura depicted in vibrant colors, visual representations of what energy might look like to those with clairvoyant abilities.

However, what these illustrations often fail to convey is the "content" of energy.

What do I mean by “content”?

By "content" I refer to the essence embedded within any segment of the energy field—be it a chakra, a colored blob, or any part contacted through sensory perception such as kinesthetic touch or other forms of high sense perception. This energy is not just static; it carries thoughts, feelings, memories, images, and intentions

Every interaction with energy tells a story of its origin, its emotional self-perception, encapsulated experiences, vibrational density, and more.

Through years of practice, I have honed the skill of reading this content across various planes. For instance, when someone's consciousness regresses to the age where a trauma occurred, freezing that moment in their energy field, I can detect this shift and identify the precise age of the trauma.

This leads us to understand why simple questions like "Are my chakras open?" may not provide useful insights. Whether the answer is affirmative or negative, it offers little beyond a momentary emotional reaction.

What do you do with the answer, “Yes it is.” 

Feel good about yourself.

What do you do with the answer, “No it is not.” 

Feel bad about yourself and get worried.

Here's where the concept of energy block transformation comes into play. This process involves understanding the content deeply embedded in our energy fields:

  • Archetypes represent living energy patterns with distinct stories and missions.

  • Age regressions, incidents, and effects illustrate specific blocked energies at various life stages.

  • Past life energies echo through current relationships and experiences.

  • Emotions, thoughts, and beliefs all contribute to the shape of our personal reality.

  • Relational cords reflect the dynamics between personal connections.

  • Recognizing fight, flight, or freeze responses in one’s energy and physical body is crucial.

Understanding these contents can significantly enhance our ability to "read" our own energy.

In the Aura Healing Journey course I teach, I guide students to tune into each distinct layer of their aura, echoing the teachings of Barbara Brennan. However, students quickly realize that perceiving energy involves more than just visual sightings. They experience sensations, memories, and emotions—all forms of engaging with different energy contents.

My role as an instructor and healer is to validate these perceptions, helping students trust their instincts and set aside doubts.

Ultimately, the story of your life, past and present, is written in the colors and dimensions of your energy field. When you’re caught in the throes of pain and repetitive patterns, it may seem like a grim narrative. But as we work together through energy block transformation, you’ll discover the beautiful soul story that underlies it all, emerging in the areas of your life where you feel most vibrant and fulfilled.

If you're ready to transform your story, let's begin this journey together. Book your free 30-minute consultation or arrange an online session to delve into your energy field in real-time, no matter where you are.

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Are you ready to make a big shift and transform repeating and defeating patterns?

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